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It’s coffee time.
Incredible Coffee, Delivered Monthly.

Exceptional Coffee for Exceptional People

Our Coffee

BeardyBrew Blend

Our signature Maui-blend, created with the highest quality, sustainably-sourced coffee. Perfect for drip, pour over, espresso, french press, or just eating the beans raw.

We’re kidding about that last one.

But seriously, in this 12oz resealable bag, you’ll experience a smooth, 3rd-wave, freshly roasted coffee unlike anything you’ve tasted before. We taste milk chocolate, honey, and grapefruit. What do you taste?
Meet the Founders

Meet Brandon

Brandon Turner (AKA BeardyBrandon)

Author. Investor. Entrepreneur. Podcaster. YouTuber. Family Guy. Coffee-Snob.

He carries a lot of titles because he does a lot of stuff. But one thing he doesn’t do: drink bad coffee. So he set out to create the world’s best-tasting coffee so high-achievers can experience the life of intentionality he leads.

Meet Yeshua.

Yeshua Goodman.

Wine Guy (Sommelier). Chef. Entrepreneur. Huntsman. Maui-Expert. Family Guy. Coffee Genius.

Yeshua is an Advanced Sommelier born on the Big Island and raised on Maui. As a local boy, he understands the importance of preserving the Hawaiian culture and telling the story of Aloha the best way he knows how, through his cooking – and through coffee.

Good People Doing Good
100% of Profits Donated to Local Charities

The Best Coffee for a Better Cause

We believe in more than just good coffee at BeardyBrew. We aim to be good people that do good. That’s why 100% of BeardyBrew’s profits are donated to local charities here on Maui. One of these charities is Village of Hope which supports the local Maui foster care community. Learn more about Village of Hope below.

“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”

– Donna A. Favors
time to relax
more than just coffee

Natural Maui Roasted Coffee

Refresh your mind with sustainably-sourced coffee, delivered straight to your door.

The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drank.

— Sir James MacKintosh
home delivery
A Monthly Coffee Subscription

Quality coffee delivered to your door

Busy people hate running out of things. That’s why at BeardyBrew, we make it easy by automatically shipping you the highest quality coffee you’ve ever tasted, right to your door every month. Simple, easy, delicious. This also allows us to continually support our local charities with predictable, ongoing donations.

Roasted in small batches on Maui, Hawaii by: